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Automated Sampling - access niche survey respondents online globally

Expansive coverage, high-quality data, and quick turnaround times mean we’re ready to serve your research needs.
Whether you’re located in Paris or Los Angeles, looking to research mothers of newborns in Manila or business owners in Lagos. At TGM, we understand what it takes for project success and get you the right research sample, anywhere in the world.

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Sampling strategy

Choosing the right sampling strategy and interviewing the right representative sampling people is one of the most critical steps in any study. Making the right choice requires experience, expertise and knowledge of statistics and marketing studies. Proper sampling method gives the right to use the results later and make correct conclusions for your research. Obtain the answers you need by defining your sample size and the specifics of the target audience you wish to research with TGM
Sampling strategy


Discover the advantages of using unique online panels to research your target audience. Obtain the answers you need by defining your sample characteristics to the target audience you wish to research. We will take care of inviting participants, managing the fieldwork process and completing your project on time.

Thanks to our exquisite profiling system, we always succeed in connecting our clients with their desired target audience, no matter how difficult that target may be to find. What's more, the incentives we give our panellists are proportional to the survey's length and the task assigned. Our panellists are happy to participate in the study, resulting in better data and higher response rates.


Suppose you need consistent research on the same target audience or even on the same sample (that is, you need the same individuals to participate in the same study over time repeatedly). In that case, a high-retention panel offers you crucial advantages in terms of consistency and data quality. TGM tracking panel enables you to periodically survey the same target audience to understand better how your target's opinions, consumption patterns and behaviour change over time. It's the ideal solution for monitoring the long-term impact of advertising, brand recognition, average spending in a category or market share, and much more. Our global digital panels are uniquely equipped for tracking studies, providing consistent data, along with in-depth profiling information on each participant.


There is more to online research than just surveys. There are plenty of opportunities to utilize new digital technologies to understand your consumers: online focus groups, market-research communities, diaries, mystery shoppers, and beyond. What you need are the right panel and sampling tools to find your participants. Consider your research question, define your target population and let us help you find them. It is that simple.

Don’t know where to find your audience?

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We make it better

With TGM, you have more than 120 markets, with access to 3.3 billion consumers, at your fingertips for your global samplings.


Sampling methods or sampling strategy consists of defining all the specifications relating to respondents' target that one wishes to interview for the survey. Here, the primary objective will be to ensure that our randomized sample is representative of the study population, to be able to extrapolate our study results to the entire population. The establishment of socio-demographic quotas (age, sex, region, or social class) is the best way to obtain a homogeneous and representative group. Next, it is crucial to ensure that the collected data reflects the sample's previously agreed quotas and shape. We call this "stratified sampling" with demographics quotas acting as strata to design your respondents' sample.


By mixing ways of gathering the sampling data, we can research demanding audiences: specific populations and those that need to be carried out in many countries worldwide using different but comparable sampling methods. Our long multi-national experience allows us to support businesses from different parts of the world, including APAC and MENA regions.


To reach the desired audience, we are mixing our respondents' panel with a dynamic sampling technique. We give you unmatched reach and penetration, combining our respondents' panel with the new, intelligent sampling method. Depending on your research objectives and the margin error you want to keep, we will help define the optimal sample size for your study and find the best balance between cost efficiency and optimal sample size for an excellent statistical read.


With hundreds of segmentation and selection criteria in our panels ready to use for sampling methods, it's easy to build a target sample on specific criteria and be sure to interview the right people who match the profiles of your typical consumers. Since we operate globally, we know the specifics of many markets. Our experience allows us to create realistic assumptions regarding recruitment, sample definition and conduct it effectively.


Although we use many recruitment sources for one survey, the risk of the same participants responding multiple times is minimal; we can achieve this through the use of our proprietary Digital Fingerprint technology. The analysis of many factors, such as the IP address, browser cookies and other characteristics of the device, allows us to identify the test participant of the multi-country market research."

We will work with you and help with your sampling goals so you may reach your objectives

Our Panels

Reach global, think local – with our proprietary research panels.

Join the world’s best-known brands that work with us.

We have a proven track record of assisting some of the world’s leading multinational companies and organizations, both in the private and public sector.
Join the world’s best-known brands that work with us.

Why work with us?

Our dedicated research team of consultants will guide you through all steps of your market research. They will provide full consultancy and understanding of the local specificities and ensure that the same methodology will apply. For the sampling plan, we aim to provide the exact same blend and sources for respondents across countries and waves so you can have comparable data for repeated measurement and historical trends. Our consultants will also support you with analytics to generate automated charting, create dashboards and turn data into insights. We will adapt the research and representation of the results to your needs and the needs of your organization after you let us know who will receive the research results, how will the results be used, and what are the main goals of the business.

When working on research, our agency can be a catalyst that helps employees who have been immersed in the project for a long time gain a fresh perspective and lead them to new ideas. We have experience in business consulting and creating marketing strategies, sales strategies and strategies for specific brands and products. We use this experience in conducting workshops for customers, both before the study - to define research goals, key process assumptions, developing the study and the sample, collecting the data, and after the presentation of the study results - to popularize them in the organization and facilitate their processing and implementation of the recommendations resulting from the study. If you decide to cooperate with us, you will not be alone at any stage of the research - we will do it with you.

Market research with TGM is not just a product; it is a game-changing solution that allows you to access one integrated global audience for your data collection, reaching almost any profile of people, anywhere, at any time. A research solution that uses technology on a deep level to provide fast results with automated dashboards and customized reporting ready to use. Our consultants, located in different time zones, will coordinate all aspects of your project with agility, using decades of experience to provide a fast turnaround. Thanks to the distribution of our team in different parts of the world, your project will be dealt with 24 hours a day. We have a long experience working remotely, so we can communicate and work effectively to complete your project faster than you think.

Market research can be an iterative process. To ensure the greatest level of comfort for our customers, during the study, we take on the organizational burden, both in terms of coordinating subsequent stages of the study and coordinating work in several markets at once (if necessary).

We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative research tools for new ideas, processes, services, and products, thanks to which we learn about the opinion of customers regarding a tested concept on a deep level. Depending on your needs, we will propose the most effective research tools and methods as well as methods of processing marketing research.

Working with us will lower your market research costs and increase your profitability through economies of scale. TGM Research has its own proprietary audience of respondents worldwide, and our unique digital technology for research combined with automation reduces local project management for your project. Your perfectly optimized content goes here!
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With TGM, you have more than 120 markets and multiple local teams helping to execute your global project