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FMCG Industry Research

Do your new claims resonate with the buyers? Will your product stand out and fly off the shelves?
Are your customers brand loyal? Will they try your next product? Know what your future looks like now. Maximize your every decision and share of wallet to ensure that you’re fit for the future. Strategic in outlook, granular in detail. Get a unique blend of data, insight and expert recommendation from TGM to help you grow your consumer business.

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TGM FMCG research

Is your FMCG business insulated from the challenges of disruption?

The FMCG industry is one of the few industry sectors that generally do well in economic downturns. It is also one of the most diverse, cost-conscious and innovative industry sectors in the world.

Price competition in the FMCG sector is fierce. The products tend to be generally very similar on a functional basis, differentiated through brand and emotional benefits. In general, FMCG retailers also operate on slim profit margins. They need mass, large markets, scale and distribution to succeed. Building advantages, brand and awareness can help companies defend market share and customer loyalty. Trends in consumer goods continue to evolve each year.

For fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) oriented businesses, it is important to stay up to date on shoppers’ habits, preferences, perceptions, and more. What separates successful FMCG product launches from the rest is understanding and preparation through market research. By investing in insights, FMCG companies will not only maximize their ROI but will also gain in-depth insight into their consumer’s habits, the market and their brand, within the category.

Innovative Insight Solutions Designed For The Needs Of FMCG Companies:


    Test everything, from concept to packaging, before launching your next product. Obtain access to real-time feedback from your target audience to adjust and refine your product before bringing it to market.


    Does your new packaging design help you sell more? What is the shelf impact? The packaging is a critical part of your product that often gets overlooked. Keep it ahead of the curve.


    Optimize your creativity and messaging for your campaign. Test ads at speed to ensure they resonate with your targets.


    What market gaps exist out there? Your customers know. Engage with your target audiences in a branded community to uncover new concepts and ideas for your category.


    A shelf is a crowded place – make sure your product stands out. Test visibility and recall to ensure you are visible against competitors.


    What clients say about us?

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      Just a fantastic experience from beginning to end - the attentiveness and quick response really made me confident in utilizing TGM services. Everyone was so helpful and assisted me with any questions I had. Also, in comparison to other quotes, TGM was significantly more affordable.

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      We value the speed with which the results are obtained in all cases, reducing the deadlines offered. We also highlight the commitment and attention of the team.

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      A great service! The survey data was accurate, collected quickly and affordable. The customer support team were incredibly helpful and responsive. I've used many research services in my career. TGM stands out as the best!

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      240 characters are not enough for me to express my gratitude & appreciation for the professionalism and empathy the TGM team has expressed during our project. An awesome & knowledgable team. Keep up the great work!

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      Glad AMC Arabia via a lot of challenges found an able online panel partner. TGM by far is the most competitive online panel company in the Middle East region. As a client I look into flexibility and expertise, which is in their DNA

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      We needed an online panel for a large survey study. TGM managed to reach the required sample size in the planned time frame and the project managers were communicative during the process. The pricing was also more than fair.

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      We've used TGM for their online panel service in South East Asia and have been very pleased with the results. Their customer service is top-notch and outputs are high-quality

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      The TGM team is very responsive, and quick, and even with the time zone differences, the communication was apt. Personally, appreciate the open and honest conversation when things were challenging and the proposed alternatives. TGM also has

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      TGM exceeded my expectations more than once throughout the data collection process. Their response times are on point and their client-centered focus is a trademark of who they are. They made the entire process effortless! Thank you!

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