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Market Understanding Research

Understand where your market is heading and identify your best growth opportunities.
Gain a deeper understanding to ensure you’re making the right decision – every time. Get closer to your customers and build an in-depth understanding of the market to future-proof your strategy. Build your company’s tomorrow by understanding your consumers and their needs better than ever.

We work with:

Fast – Move Faster. Globally

Understand your competitors

Understand the market, landscape, size, and your competitors

Community recruitment

Evaluate strengths, opportunities and weaknesses

Capture and capitalize on key trends

Capture and capitalize on key trends no matter where they arise

Segment your markets

Segment your markets and engage with the right target audiences


Do you truly understand your market and growth opportunities?

Understand consumer interest in your brand, how and when they use your product and more. Our U&A insights integrate multiple data sources for a total understanding of your brand and category.


Know what makes your customers tic, what drives satisfaction, and measure their engagement over time.

Capitalize on loyal customers and use insights to ensure you win them back when you need to.


How big is your market opportunity? Have you reached the ceiling? Or do you have more to do and more customers to win?

Understand the size and realistic sales opportunities of new and potential market niches. We help you understand them so you can make accurate and informed decisions on the scale of your investment.


Are your customers satisfied with your product or service? Do they value your brand?

Check if they would convince a friend to try your brand. Understand their NPS score to make better decisions.


Where do customers hear about you first? How do they engage with your brand?

Discover where do they learn about it, try it, and where do they buy it. We can offer unique insights to provide you with a 360 view of their journey.


Each customer is unique, but how do they cluster in a way which is meaningful for your brand?

We can help you understand customer segments and select homogenous ones to design a more effective marketing mix and maximize engagement and sales. Our insights will help define growth clusters and select relevant variables that drive brand choice so you can make the best calls.
We can help you design and launch products and services that outperform the competition.